One Of Our Great Military Victories Immortalised

World Trade Center bombing

       About the World Trade Center bombing

I have written about the World Trade Center bombing before. However, this time it is different. Because, when as I penned down these words I am reminded of the fact that the global war on terror is winning. The decisive – in my humble opinion – was the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Many amongst you might dismiss the Operation Geronimo as a small military operation when you compare it with the scale of our operations in Afghanistan. I must say, I disagree.

The significance of the Operation Geronimo     

Yes, the operation itself resulted in the elimination of a handful of terrorists. But, the main target was Osama Bin Laden himself, the man who bears the maximum responsibility for the World Trade Center bombing. The fact that we finally killed Osama Bin Laden is no small matter.

It is more than just a symbolic victory – it really brought a sense of justice to the surviving members of the World Trade Center bombing victims as well as the brave souls abroad the United Airlines Flight 93. Yes, the war on terror is not yet over and would continue for many more years. However, it is clear as day that we are winning this fight.

Remembering the Operation Geronimo

As I explained in the beginning of the article, the Operation Geronimo stands out among all our military operations because of the target. Therefore, I believe it is most appropriate for the Historic Coin Mint to single out this operation for commemoration. They designed and released the very beautiful Justice Coins to mark the second anniversary of this historic victory.

World Trade Center memorial

          The World Trade Center memorial

We as a nation owe a great debt to our soldiers. They are the ones who are keeping this nation safe. Their sense of patriotism, duty, honour, courage and sacrifice should never be forgotten and this is what the Justice Coins do. They are the immortal tokens, which you could pass down from one generation to the next keeping the legacy alive.

The Justice Coins are indeed very beautifully designed. The engravings on these coins pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy as well as to the American quest for justice. The coins are available in gold and silver.

I suggest you go and buy them. They are affordably priced. This is indeed a great way to honour the soldiers of the Navy Seal Team 6.

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